December 19, 2022

How To Play Baccarat Like A Pro: A Guide

By Harlem

It’s a classic game, played by loads of people every day. It’s simple to learn and set up, but complicated to master. The first person to reach a certain target wins and the game is always fair. Everyone has a chance to win, but the house is consistently on top.

In Baccarat, players set their bets on whether or not a player will be able to place their hand in front of nine cards that are numbered from 1-9. The hand with the higher number wins. Baccarat is made up of three hands and ten decks of cards are used for every single game in บาคาร่า 99.

The House Edge


The house holds a tiny edge over players, with an overall house edge of just 1% on anything from the first bet placed to the last card dealt. When it comes to how this edge is given to the house, and how much money the house can make from it, it really does depend on who you are playing with.

The biggest factor in this is shoe-banking. Shoe banking is when there is no dealer in the game and cards are dealt by automated machines instead until a winner is declared.

The dealer in shoe-banked baccarat is the House or “bank”, which has a 2% edge. If you’re playing in a shoe-banked game then you are offered two cards face down, with the first card worth 1% of the total bet and the second card worth another 1%. The total bet is divided by two, giving the house an overall edge of 2%.