Small loan of up to $ 2,000

Trainees who want a loan often have problems getting it. A loan at the bank counter is usually not required for trainees. The reasons include, on the one hand, the low salary of the trainee and, on the other hand, the limited employment relationship due to the training. However, a loan for trainees is not entirely impossible.

Some banks grant a small loan of up to $ 2,000, for example in the form of a overdraft facility. Higher loans are usually only granted if there is a guarantor for the trainee. Most of the time parents come on the scene here. For trainees who have a good reputation, i.e. a good credit rating, the possibility of obtaining a loan is not entirely excluded.

But what about trainees who have a negative Credit Bureau? Is a loan for trainees at all possible despite Credit Bureau? How much is such a loan possible? A loan for trainees despite a negative Credit Bureau is usually only possible in the amount of a small loan of up to 2000 dollars.

Whether the first self-furnished apartment or a used car, in both cases a loan is often required for trainees. Banks use Credit Bureau as a selection criterion for granting loans. For example, if you do not pay your installments on time or do not terminate a contractual relationship properly, you can make a negative entry with Credit Bureau.

Despite Credit Bureau, credit is possible in individual cases with banks

Despite Credit Bureau, credit is possible in individual cases with banks

In this case, a normal loan is canceled. In principle, banks only grant loans to customers with good credit ratings. A loan for trainees despite Credit Bureau is difficult to obtain, but not entirely impossible. If, for example, the apprentice is in the first year of training and has passed his probationary period and has been a good customer of his bank up to now, then it is also possible in individual cases to grant a loan with a negative Credit Bureau.

Individual banks generally issue overdraft facilities. Obtaining an installment loan from negative Credit Bureau is a lot more difficult.

Credit through credit intermediaries

Credit through credit intermediaries

In this case, a loan for trainees despite Credit Bureau is generally only possible through credit intermediaries. Here, for example, loans from Switzerland are ideal. No Credit Bureau entry or Credit Bureau information is required for these small loans. However, it must be borne in mind that credit intermediaries charge fees for their work.

As a result, a loan for trainees can become more expensive than a normal loan despite Credit Bureau. A guarantor is also an alternative. If the parents guarantee the trainee at the bank, a loan is usually granted despite a negative Credit Bureau. However, this only applies if the guarantor himself does not have a negative Credit Bureau entry.

Another alternative for a loan for trainees despite Credit Bureau is a personal loan. This loan is given by private individuals. There are now platforms on the Internet that offer this loan model without a lot of red tape. The criteria for personal loans are usually more relaxed than for banks. For this reason, despite Credit Bureau, a loan for trainees is still possible even after banks have long since given up.