30 USD starting credit with the free Germany credit card

You can secure the Germany credit card for a short time with a very attractive bonus of 30 dollars. You only have to pay for the card once and, despite the bonus, of course you get all the benefits of the generally very attractive free credit card for travel!


The bonus

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A starting credit of 30 dollars is very attractive in that the Germany credit card is a completely free credit card, which also does not require fees for payments in foreign currencies or withdrawals. In addition, the bonus also applies to the Gold Germany credit card. This credit card is also free of charge in the first year and can continue to be used free of charge from the second year onwards with a minimum turnover of 3,000 dollars – there are additional services such as attractive insurance benefits for travel. The use of the current offer can therefore be just as worthwhile for the standard variant as it is for the Germany credit card gold.

The longest highest bonus for a very powerful free credit card is tied to comparatively few conditions and is therefore also so attractive: You will receive the starting credit of 30 dollars whenever you use the credit card until May 31, 2020 – the credit on the card account will then be opened six weeks after the first use of the card. Only those who already have an active credit card account with Best Bank or have had one in the past two years are excluded from the promotion. This also means that you shouldn’t have had a Best Bank GenialCard.


The credit card

credit card

The Germany credit card Classic is a very interesting choice for those who like to travel. Among other things, the card offers the following advantages:

  • no annual fee
  • no withdrawal fee
  • no fee for payments in foreign currencies

With a clever use there are no fees and you can get cash at all ATMs in Germany as well as worldwide without paying a cent (only so-called ATM fees are not reimbursed). There are also no fees for payments in foreign currencies, such as when you make a payment in the USA or Thailand. Otherwise, you should make sure that you have to pay the free credit card bills monthly by bank transfer, so that no interest accrues. Alternatively, you can use the installment payment function, which offers more flexibility in repayment, but also has high interest rates.


Germany Credit Card, you benefit from free withdrawals worldwide

Germany Credit Card, you benefit from free withdrawals worldwide

In addition to the Germany credit card Classic, the premium variant Germany credit card gold with the current bonus is also worth a look. Although payments in foreign currencies are generally not free of charge with this card, the same advantages apply to withdrawals so that you can get cash free of charge worldwide. However, it is worth mentioning the many attractive additional advantages of the card, which offers extensive travel insurance, among other things, including the important travel health insurance and travel cancellation insurance. In addition, despite its premium services, the card is just as free in the first year as it is in the following years if the annual turnover is 3,000 dollars (otherwise 45 dollars).


Conclusion on the bonus campaign of the Germany credit card

Germany credit card

If you are currently looking for a credit card that allows you to make free withdrawals and payments in foreign currencies, it is worthwhile to buy the current promotion. At the moment there is no comparable promotion for a card without an annual fee, so you can’t go wrong with a Germany credit card. This is also due to the fact that the services are really attractive – it pays to strike quickly!