Month: January 2020

Small loan of up to $ 2,000

Trainees who want a loan often have problems getting it. A loan at the bank counter is usually not required for trainees. The reasons include, on the one hand, the low salary of the trainee and, on the other hand, the limited employment relationship due to the training. However, a loan for trainees is not entirely impossible. Some banks grant a small loan of up to $ 2,000, for example […]

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Lombard loan: short-term, low-interest financing for securities investors

In connection with securities transactions, there is sometimes talk of so-called “Lombard loans” – a term that is hardly known to many consumers.   What is a Lombard loan? Lombard loans are loans that are secured with collateral – for example in the form of securities or precious metals. The term originated from the Italian region of Lombardy, where money was first given in Europe in the Middle Ages against […]

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Car loan – dealer or house bank?

Anyone who decides to buy a new car is faced with the decision, if a cash payment is not possible, before deciding whether a loan from a dealer or the house bank is better. Because 0% financing, as it is often offered by dealers, does not have to (and often is) cheaper than conventional financing. Does the effective interest rate decide? Generally, a credit recommendation, which loan is the better, […]

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